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Mood Disorders

As a teacher, you’re in a unique position to identify the signs early and help your students navigate their way to better mental health.

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How to talk to a student

Wondering what to say when a student shares personal mental health concerns with you? This section will help you get started.

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Your Community Resources

Check out this database of mental health resources located in your community.

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Working with families

This section will help you work with your school’s staff to make the right connection with families so you can partner to find solutions.

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Mental Health in the Classroom

This section will help you incorporate mental health information and strategies into your teaching plan

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Here you'll find three exercises to encourage students to think about wellness and their life

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Managing Stress

Share these tips and worksheets with your students to help them manage stress

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Looking Out for Each Other

Teach students what they can do to help a friend cope with a mental health challenge

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